Our company was founded in 2006 in Kaiserslautern. We are one of the first security companies, that installing exclusively digital high definition IP cameras – there lies the origin of our company name “HD-Surveillance”.

To complete our full range of surveillance devices, we include alarm systems, fire detecting systems and keyless access control systems to our inventory. But this is not enough, in special cases we take extra surveillance systems, like a remote warning system (see also references “Wieblingen”) or water leakage warning system.

We always want the latest and best fitting surveillance devices for our customers. Therefore we expand and modernize our stock continuous.

Since 2011 you find our facilities at Hertelsbrunnenring, which had been expanded in 2014 for even more storage capacity, workshops and offices.

The quality claims of the surveillance sector are very high. Also we send our employgees periodicaly to continouse education courses.