Why a HD video surveillance?

Shops, parking areas and residences are currently locations of burglaryies and vandalism. Most times the offenders come at night or at low frequented times. So there are no witnesses.

Older, analogous surveillance cameras often do not produce images that can helf the polic to identify the offenders. Furthermore it is very easy to steal the recorder of such oder systems. So the offender can make it impossible to get any pictures of the burglary.

On one hand there is the material damage, that is most payed by insurences. But on the other hand there is the fear of the affected people: Will the offenders come back? What will happen when I meet them? Whould I even have to fear for my life?


  • Protecting employgees and goods
  • Scare offenders
  • Shelter from vandalism
  • Integrated sabotage protection
  • Wheatherproof casing
  • 3 years of warranty

HD Technology

  • 4K and 8K UltraHD image sensors
  • Doubtless identifing of offernders
  • Analysing of number plates
  • Smart person detection and counting
  • The newest motion detection technology
  • Fluent video with 30 frames per second


  • Pay what you get!
  • Fixed prices complete with installtion
  • No seperate recorder needed
  • encoded storage insite the camera
  • No moving parts, no wear
  • Remot access by PC, cell phone or tablet

Features of our HD-Kameras


Our IP cameras are made for professionell video surveillance. The modern H.264 compressing algorithm makes a clear and fluent video with best compression at the network. Unlike older formats like „MJPEG“, it is no problem to have big networks with a few hundret IP cameras. The MxPEG Codec of the Mobotix cameras allows even long-time recording with a hight resolution. These technology avoids completly streaks and motion blurring.

The „Single Chip“ architecture with integrated Linux system enables a very good stability and image processing speed. The integrated web server enables remote access, research and a live view. Not desktop software is needed.

For all kinds of surveillance, like at shops, goverment buildings, on parking areas, for one family house or big appartment houses. For this purpose all cameras are equiped with the following features:

  •  „Single Chip“ architecture with two processors, ARM9 und DSP
  • 2,1 Megapixel HD image sensor, or more
  • Resotuiton: 1920×1080 Pixel (FULL HD) , 3840 × 2160 Pixel (2K) , 4096 × 2304 Pixel (4K)
  • MxPEG and H.264 image compression for a live, high definitioned and fluent video transsmition
  • Up to 30 frames per second
  • Integrated web server for remote access an standard IE web browsers; no desktop software is needed
  • Up to 10 web users can access at the same time
  • Automatic software update by remote access
  • Dynamic IP Vergabe, PPPoE for direct connection to a or UMTS modul
  • Bi-direktional live audio transmission (not in all models)
  • Automatic corecting of the netzwork stream bandwidth
  • Alarm/recording at video loss, netzwork loss or motion detection (motion areas and sensivity free scaleable)
  • Storage of viedos and images by e-mail, on FTP or SD(HC) card up to 32GB, or more
  • E-mail sending at technical problems (SD card damaging, image loss, covering of the camera)
  • Nearly unlimited storage on extern USB hard disk drive, NAS, video server
  • Automatic reconecction with desktop software after netzwork loss, black out, etc…